Plans For 2020

The Reformed Millennial began in 2019 with a desire to do a couple things: 1.) Provide a Reformed voice for those in the Millennial and Gen Z generations; 2.) To show that not all Millennials and Gen Zers are apathetic to historic Reformed theology, nor are we all liberal, progressive, social justice warriors. In many ways, 2019 was a good year for us, seeing as how TRM was not up and running until the latter half of the year.

In 2020, we hope expand a bit and do much more. With a full year under our belts, we’d hope that 2021 will be even better! Yet, we have to take baby steps, moving one step at a time. But, we do want to make sure that we spend time addressing several controversial issues, but we hope to do so in a winsome way:

1. ) Women in ministry;
2.) Egalitarianism v. Complementarianism;
3.) Socialism and Christianity;
4.) Critical Theory and Intersectionality
5.) Homosexuality and Transgenderism;
6.) Liberation Theology;
7.) Social Justice

Part of the reason why we want to deal with these issues, those we’re not limiting ourselves to these alone, is due to how prevalent they are in common discourse. Seeing that those who are in our generation are being swept up in a liberal understanding of these issues, we want to deal with them in a more conservative, traditionalist understanding, with it coming from Millennials.

Not only are we going to be writing about these issues extensively, we hope to bring in other, much older, voices to deal with them as well. But not only in our articles, we will also be having our podcast up and running here soon as well! It has been a desire of ours to have a podcast for a while, as one can never have enough podcasts to listen to!

This will be an exciting year for The Reformed Millennial. We covet your prayers and support as we continue getting everything running well!


  1. You chose very relevant topics for this year. I hope and pray the Lord blesses your conversations. May your ministry, through the power of the Holy Spirit, continue to reconcile the world to Jesus. Blessings!


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